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Turn Waste Diesel and Heating Oil into Green Fuel - Decentralized & Profitable

The WASTX Oil Recycling Technology enables distillation of Gas Oils such as Diesel Sludge & Heating Oil in a compact, fully-automated way. Eliminate high disposal costs and visit the successfully operating plant in Germany!
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The Solution for Tank Cleaning & Protection

Over time sludge accumulates in storage tanks for heating oil and diesel, which must be removed regularly and usually disposed of at a charge. With the WASTX Oil technology these oil fractions can be recycled and highly profitable.
3,000l of Gas Oil per Day
Compact, fully automated & scalable diesel/heating oil sludge recycling on-site – one plant recycles up to 3,000l per day.
Certified Green Fuel
The recycled oil is both of quality & sustainable, covering the globally recognized sustainability certification - ISCC
Waste into Revenue
The in-spec output is highly profitable & traded at index prices + sustainability bonus.
WASTX Oil Case Study Download
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Green Fuel with WASTX Oil​


Key innovation

🌱Sustainable Operation          🌱High Efficiency          🌱Modular Structure & Easy Scalability         🌱Patented reactor & German Quality   
🌱Sustainable Operation
🌱High Efficiency         
🌱Modular Structure & Easy Scalability         
🌱Patented reactor & German Quality   
WASTX Oil offers a new sustainable solution for waste through vacuum distillation with up to 90% efficiency (1L waste oil ➟ 0.9L gas oil) in order to clean and recycle a variety of mineral-based oils. Owing to its compactness and modularity, the plant can be installed where waste oil occurs, saving logistic costs and allowing easy expansion without major infrastructure investment. 


Valuable Output 

The waste oils are turned into in-spec gas oil, tradable on the market. As the output is a standard product specified based on Indexes, it attracts buyers such as Oil Refineries. The profitability amounts to approximately 1.000 EUR per ton of recycled gas oil.*
*Based on prices set by FOB Rotterdam, November 2022


Trusted Technology

After years of development WASTX Oil is already on the market since 2020 with commercially operating plants in Germany and current commissioning in Indonesia . Moreover, by using an advanced monitoring system, Biofabrik has been collecting historical data and insights based on real input streams from each WASTX Oil produced. This has led to predictive maintenance, accompanied by global delivery and support.

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